July 26, 2010

Day 84

Several people have come to me saying that they have noticed that some of these pictures are posted late and even some the next day. I apologize for this. I know I have been a little slacking when it comes to posting the pictures everyday on the day. I promise I am taking pictures everyday but its hard to keep everything together because I have to juggle two online classes for school as well as my Eagle Project for scouts. I have a lot of demands for my time! I am always learning though. That is what this project started as. I had to do a project for school but I wanted to do something to further my photography skills as well. It just so happened that the two meshed together really well. This project has in my mind made me a better photographer. I look at two photography blogs everyday and almost all my free time (which is limited) is spent searching the world wide webs for more knowledge on things like how to do a certain technique in photoshop or set a custom white balance. I am constantly gathering information on photography. Hopefully it is showing in the blog! Thank you for following my progress!!!!
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