November 27, 2010


Bannon trees galore! In Florida the bannon tree is fairly common. They are the trees that you see in movies that look like the have an octopus for roots because they are all twisted and gnarled. They have 75 billion branches that twist around each other and they are probably the koolest tree on the planet. This is one that I did some extensive post processing on to give it that HDR kinda feel. 


Bird! Can you tell that I had fun taking bird pictures in Flordia? Most of them would pose for you as long as you didn't come to close.


I really like the colors in this photo even if they still don't look quite right to me.


I am not a botanist so I have no idea what this flower is called but its pretty :)


Aaahhh A Florida sunset is beautiful with all the water and wildlife. 


Heron in the swamps. This dude was waiting for some grub from the fishermen that were close by. 

Archer Fish Photography

During my wonderful vacation to Florida I took some time to work on my photography. I wanted to create a name and a logo for my work to make it a little more credible. I came up with the above logo. The name of my "business" is Archer Fish Photography. I also started a Deviant Art Profile so I can sell my work. Check it out at I'm going to try and add pictures as often as I can so if you have any recommendations then comment on below for which ones you would like to see on there. Also comment below with what you think about the logo. Is it good, bad? Let me know.

November 23, 2010

198, 199, 200, 201, 202 and 203

Ah don't you love breaks? I am currently sitting by the pool uploading photos to the blog. What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.

November 21, 2010

191, 192, 193, 194, 195, 196 and 197

Another batch upload for fall pictures. Lots of great color!

November 14, 2010

182, 183, 184, 185, 186, 187, 188, 189 & 190

Ok you probably have noticed that I have not been doing a great job with the blog. I have been taking pictures and uploading them but it hasn't been anywhere close to every day recently. So. I  want to try and catch up again and get the ball rolling again. These are all pictures from a yearbook assignment I had. Each picture had to correspond with a given theme.

The First Is Line.

Close Up.





Open category

Open category


179, 180 & 181

Yesterday was the big championship football game for my brother. Even though he lost it he looked ood out on the field.

This is Sam's Coach handing out the teams trophies for being division champions. The were undefeated until the final game in the Playoffs.

This is my not so lovely brother posing with his trophy. Lookin good bro!

November 10, 2010


Just another crazy skateboarder. Going down a hill. At 40 miles an hour. No biggie right?


This is more from the downhill skateboarding. 

I still have not heard from the winner of the contest. So email me with your contact information by the end of next week 11-20-10 or you will lose your prize.

November 7, 2010


Yesterday at Statesville's Pumpkin festival there were some crazy people flying down a hill on little pieces of wood at about 45 mphs. They were downhill skateboarders and and they were screaming down this hill.

November 5, 2010


This picture is from my phone! The depth of feild is pretty impressive from a phone. And the focusing distance is surprisingly close also

November 2, 2010


Great Depth of Field in this picture.


MMMMMmmmmmm... Mr. Arland's Cooking is delicious.


Apparently I wasn't allowed to go any farther. At least I know better now.


This is our SPL or Senior Patrol Leader. He is tasked with leading us crazy people to actually get something done. It's a tough job but some ones got to do it.


This is a great example of how we should look when leading our younger scouts!


Thats what we like our leaders in the troop to look like!


This last weekend was the PLC outing for my troop. PLC stands for patrol leaders council and the goal of the outing was to train our new leaders and give them some practical experience in leadership. The above picture demonstrates a problem scout and the leaders were tasked with making him behave.

(Actually this is just a very nice photobomb :P )