September 28, 2010


This picture reminds me of an old horror story or film. Its almost like some sort of monster should come from no where and land writhing on the windshield of the car. Or is that just me?

September 26, 2010


Wow I just noticed that Blogger compresses the photos I upload because the picture here doesn't have the same sharpness that the original had.

September 25, 2010


I finally brought my camera to school! I think it was well worth it. People show so much emotion in pictures that you just can't get with pictures of nature. I also like the color even though it was in a mega unit with fluorescent lights.

September 23, 2010


An earlier post I did was similar to this on but some people thought that the power lines in the picture were distracting. I took this picture  to show that they don't have to be just distractions but instead they can be quite marvelous.

September 22, 2010


I need to start shooting more people, and before you in-vision me running around town with a sawed off shotgun I mean shooting pictures of people. The emotion that we poses always makes for great photos.


The contest only has 8 days left! So far you guys have been commenting a ton!
The standings are as follows:
1st: David -125 points
2nd: Travis -100 points
3rd: Jeff A. - 30 points

Remember the winner will receive a 8x10 print of any photo they would like from the blog.

September 19, 2010


Playing disc golf is a very common pastime for my family and it becomes even more fun when you play with friends. This is a great shot of one of those friends right as his disc goes flying off towards the basket.

132 & 133

Even though I was supposed to be getting shots of my brother at his football game, I couldn't resist getting a few artistic shots as well. I love the DoF that this picture has. 


When the light is really dim outside move inside. I was a local art crawl and I just wasn't having any luck outside. So I went inside and upstairs to grab a few photos where there was some decent light.

September 16, 2010


Over the course of this year I have taken 9613 photos. If you add that to the 4298 that I took last year than you will find that I have take 13,911 photos. Now I don't know when I started taking pictures last year but I do know that I have been consistently taking picture from the beginning of this year. So if you divide 9613 photos by the 258 days that have passes this year you come up with about 37 photos a day. If this stays constant than by the end of this year I will have taken 13505 photos. Thats a lot of pictures!!!

September 14, 2010


This is the new family car! After dropping my brother off at practice I thought It would be a good idea to get pictures of the new car. It does look pretty good here if I do say so myself.

September 13, 2010


Another flower picture. This is another example of that back lighting that I seem to love. The bokeh is also amazing in this picture. The Canon rebel XSi has great bokeh. It is nice and round. I like it.

September 12, 2010


When I look at this photo I see lots of little fairies floating around in the field. 


I really like the look of a flower lighted from behind by a falling sun. Ive noticed that the blacks always have to be adjusted when the sun streams in like this. The strong light messes with the cameras sensors to shift the color balance.

September 11, 2010


Spider webs. Tons of color in this picture. The internet doesn't display all the colors that your computer can display so the colors always look over saturated on my blog.

Day 124

With the sun coming in behind these leaves the outline of leaves is highlighted. I think it really makes the leaves pop. One of my favorite pictures.


A few days ago while walking to my zero block at 7:15, I noticed that the sun rose right behind my school. The class room is at the bottom of a big hill so the next day I brought my camera and set up my tripod at the top and started snapping pictures as the sun rose.

Day 122

Today you can get some bonus points. If you can leave a comment below that correctly states my favorite part of this picture than I will give you 10 extra points in the contest.

September 8, 2010

Day 121

I recently discovered that there is a "secret" road in my neighborhood. I discovered this little road by just getting out of the house. It is very peaceful and it is gorgeous with the sun setting behind it. It is amazing that these types of things exist when we don't know about them. This picture does not do it justice. That's for sure.

September 7, 2010

Day 120

This is ugly grass. I don't know what is really called but it is kinda ugly. Do you like the picture? Or do you think the selective coloring just adds to the ugliness of the ugly grass?

September 5, 2010

Day 119

This is my brother Sam. Times six. One of him is bad enough! To get correct exposure for all of the Sams in the photo I had to change shutter speed for each exposure. This made post processing a lot harder but it looks so good so I'm not complaining. 

Contest standings:
1st Jeff - 30pts
2nd David - 25pts
3rd - Savannah - 20 pts

Keep commenting!!!

September 4, 2010

Day 118

This little flower has some interesting critters on it. If you know what they are please share! I like bugs. Well, pictures of them at least. Their wings are my favorite. I love the intricate patterns and translucency that make them so mesmerizing.

Day 117

Today I decided I had to get out of the house. The pictures there were way to repetitive and it needed to get better soon. Apparently, when you ride your bike around the neighborhood you find stuff like this to take pictures of. This little flower was in the middle of the lake. It was a really shallow section were the water was only a foot deep. The mud at the bottom was another 8 inches or so. To get this picture I had to trek out into the middle of this "swamp" and get and squat down to get a low angle. I like the results though. It was well worth it in my opinion.

September 2, 2010

Day 116

A couple days ago I mentioned a contest. The contest I mentioned is going to start today. First, the rules. The winner will be the person with the most points at the end of this month. You can accumulate points by either...

1. Posting a comment on the blog. (10 Points)
2. Referring a friend to the site. To get credit for this one, your friend has to comment on a picture saying you referred them to the site. (30 Points)
3. Suggesting a topic for a picture via a comment. (15 points)
Restrictions on these points. I am posting these restrictions so that someone one cant just comment a billion times on one picture and end up winning.

1. You can only get credit for two comments a day. These two comments include a topic suggestion. For example you could post a comment and a suggestion for a total of 25 points or two comments for 20.

2. The topic suggestions can not be bogus. They have to be an actual good idea. Do not tell me to go take a picture of water because you wont get points for a topic suggestion or a comment. Instead suggest I take a picture of water dripping from an umbrella.

3. The same thing goes for comments. If you say some thing like "Good picture!" or "Wow. That picture really blows" then you will not get credit for the comment. Be detailed about what you liked or didn't like in your comments.

4. I have veto power on all comments and topic suggestions. I can say that's a stupid comment that took no thought from the person that wrote it and completely deny you of all your glorious points.
5. Every day I will try to post the top three people in the competition and how many points they have that way you know how far you have to go to kick them from their podium!

I know that after reading all of this you are asking yourself, "This sounds like a ton of fun and all but whats in it for me?" 
Well the answer to that question is an awesome, amazing 8x10 print of any of the photos on the blog! I will print what ever picture you want on professional quality photo paper and deliver it to you free of charge!!! So get a move on. You only have a month to accumulate points so the sooner you start the better off you are. If you have any questions leave a comment below. I am looking forward to seeing who ends up on top after this month.

September 1, 2010

Day 115

I have now officially felt the now familiar work load of IB home work. Its a lot. We have an AP world history class that is supposed to be taught over a whole school year but we have to do it in half that time. I'm not complaining but it has definitely become harder to post the picture of the day on the day.