September 2, 2010

Day 116

A couple days ago I mentioned a contest. The contest I mentioned is going to start today. First, the rules. The winner will be the person with the most points at the end of this month. You can accumulate points by either...

1. Posting a comment on the blog. (10 Points)
2. Referring a friend to the site. To get credit for this one, your friend has to comment on a picture saying you referred them to the site. (30 Points)
3. Suggesting a topic for a picture via a comment. (15 points)
Restrictions on these points. I am posting these restrictions so that someone one cant just comment a billion times on one picture and end up winning.

1. You can only get credit for two comments a day. These two comments include a topic suggestion. For example you could post a comment and a suggestion for a total of 25 points or two comments for 20.

2. The topic suggestions can not be bogus. They have to be an actual good idea. Do not tell me to go take a picture of water because you wont get points for a topic suggestion or a comment. Instead suggest I take a picture of water dripping from an umbrella.

3. The same thing goes for comments. If you say some thing like "Good picture!" or "Wow. That picture really blows" then you will not get credit for the comment. Be detailed about what you liked or didn't like in your comments.

4. I have veto power on all comments and topic suggestions. I can say that's a stupid comment that took no thought from the person that wrote it and completely deny you of all your glorious points.
5. Every day I will try to post the top three people in the competition and how many points they have that way you know how far you have to go to kick them from their podium!

I know that after reading all of this you are asking yourself, "This sounds like a ton of fun and all but whats in it for me?" 
Well the answer to that question is an awesome, amazing 8x10 print of any of the photos on the blog! I will print what ever picture you want on professional quality photo paper and deliver it to you free of charge!!! So get a move on. You only have a month to accumulate points so the sooner you start the better off you are. If you have any questions leave a comment below. I am looking forward to seeing who ends up on top after this month.