January 11, 2011

Hello My Precious

This picture and the one before it were both taken from lightroom. I used the built in tether capture and this is on of the results with a preset adjustment. Te gusta?


Who Goes There?

Am I Seeing Double?

January 2, 2011

A Peeking Hope

A Spring Foward

On the Digital Photography School they just posted a article with 53 topics to inspire a 365 project like mine. One Topic a week. I decided to try it so this photo and the next one are both inspired by Newness

Puppy love

Even thought Jubilee is older now she still has all the energy of a puppy

Welcome to Narnia

Doesn't This picture look like a winter wonderland from Narnia?

December 26, 2010

I think instead of writing a caption I'm going to just start naming the pictures that I post. Starting with this one which I am calling Snow in the Suburbs

December 25, 2010

Yellow tailed finches? Am I right?
I love this picture! The bird is so solemn.