June 27, 2010

Day 58

I took this picture at my grandparents house. They had some really nice flowers and I took advantage of this while we were over there for lunch this afternoon. To accomplish this picture I first took the picture on a Canon XSi camera. Imported them via card slot on my laptop. Opened and edited it in Adobe Lightroom. Then exported it to Picasa. Then finally posted it to my blog. This is better than what I was doing before but it is still not ideal. I am really liking lightroom and all the plugins that are available for it. I found one for HDR images that seems to work quickly and effectively so I think I am going to try that next. I also overhauled the blog today in case you are reading this in a RSS reader. Check it out if you are. It looks a lot better than before thanks to Blogger's new editing features they recently added.
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